Searching for Grants Has Never Been Easier!

Simple to use, powerful features, and outstanding support.
Powerful Search Filters

GrantFinder is a real-time, online, searchable database of every federal, state, foundation and corporate grant available to local governments and their community partners.

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Save & Download Grants

Once you’ve found a grant that you’re interested in, GrantFinder allows you to save it to your account. Additionally, you can create a PDF and send that to other co-workers who may be interested in learning about the opportunity.

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Grant Alerts

Our new email notification system automatically sends new grant updates directly to your inbox. Save your favorite searches as Alerts, choose one or more Delivery Days, and you’ll receive auto-alerts about funding opportunities without having to manually search our database. You can edit, add, or delete Alerts to fit your needs. Let our system focus on finding grants so that you don’t have to.

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Exportable Deadline Calendar

To make sure you are not missing any important application deadlines, simply click on GrantFinder’s deadline calendar and you’ll find a list of your Saved Grants with their associated deadlines. Even export a deadline or your entire calendar to other programs like Outlook or Google Calendar.

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Who Uses GrantFinder?

We’re helping communities and organizations of all sizes secure the grant funding they need.
To date, more than 500 cities, towns, counties, regional planning organizations and COGs have subscribed. Here’s what they have to say:
“In our short term of using GrantFinder, we have been able to find and apply for over 20 grants. These grants range in scope from law enforcement, fire, library and numerous non-profit agencies in our community. Laramie will be a subscriber for years to come!”

Sandra Newland
Grants Manager
Laramie County, WY
“It has been my pleasure to switch to GrantFinder. The staff have gone out of their way to make sure that I understand the software and have a good understanding of it. I would highly recommend this company not only for their product but for the great service I receive there as well.”

Jessica Shumpert
Community Development and Grants Administrator
City of Easley, SC

“GrantFinder gives all of our member communities real-time access to thousands of grants for less than $2,000 annually. At that price, it was an easy decision for our member jurisdictions to request that SACOG subscribe to the service.”

Greg Chew
Senior Planner
Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG)

What Else?

Let us show you how GrantFinder can transform the way you search for grants.

More than 500 cities/towns and 20+ Councils of Government currently subscribe.

Simple setup. Simple to use. Instantly start searching for grants right out of the box. No onboarding needed. No need to upgrade plugins. Nothing to worry about.

Simple user management. One person can oversee all users and permissions directly from the application.

The most cost-effective grant search tool on the market. No hidden costs. No setup fees.

Or you can call us direct at 866-463-7792 to get started.